Xbox One X Special Edition

The special edition is inspired by the original Xbox one x, the Xbox Scorpio.

This Project Scorpio Edition is the limited edition of Xbox One X. It includes a 1 TB hard drive and features the name “Project Scorpio” on both the console and controller. The controller has all black buttons and the console has a slightly different texture than the vanilla Xbox One X. We the goonace team thinks that the name ”Scorpio” is the better name then the ”X”.

Available for pre-order today alongside the vanilla(normal) edition of the Xbox One X is the Project Scorpio Edition, featuring a custom One X in black and sporting the Project Scorpio logo. The controller matches the system and the pack comes with a vertical stand for the system as well. It’s still the same price as the basic One X at $499.

The company also explained that games like Gears of War 4 and Halo 5 will be getting 4K upgrades in the future to allow these games to take better advantage of the Xbox One X’s native 4K and HDR capability. Around 100 existing games will be patch and update to get better games experience and quality with the Xbox one X.

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Microsoft also announced a limited edition MineCraft version of Xbox One S, is painted in green and brown pixels as a tribute to the game’s crafting systems and dirt.

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Click here for more Xbox One X Spec and detail.


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